1. Determine Profile

Choose from Thin, Standard or Box Rail structural styles.

With the three structural rail elements available in the Slide Sign System, you can configure virtually any modular sign for unlimited creative flexibility. Because rail faces are identical, any insert can be used. End caps, accent strips, frames, top and bottom trims and insert options allow for infinite creative flexibility within a system that is elegantly simple.

Color and form can say as much as words and graphics. 2/90 offers a broad range of aesthetic options that help you create an impression even as you re delivering information and helping people navigate your building. Seventeen standard mounting options empower you to seamlessly integrate signs into any architectural environment. Tamper-resistant features ensure that your design vision will withstand the rigors of time.

Material: Black extruded aluminum.

Size: Rails are 2”, 3” or 4” in height for Thin and Standard profiles; 6” high rails are also available for Standard profile. Standard profile rails are available in any width up to 90”; Thin profile rails are available in any width up to 40”.

Configurations: Minimum height is 2” and can increase in 1” increments. Signs can be installed next to each other to create larger widths. Slide Profiles: Specify Thin, Standard or Box rail.

Standard Rail

A great option for larger directories, flag-mounted, and two-sided ceiling mounted signs.

Rail accepts inserts on both sides
9/16" thickness.
Recommended insert size is 400-2,000 square inches.

How to read part numbers for 2/90 Slide Signs:

Number Portion: Insert area; height by width

Letter Portion: Insert configuration

For example, a 2x6B sign has a total insert area of 2 high by 6 wide, with the letter B designating two- 1 x 6 inserts. Overall sign dimensions including end caps, mount, and accessories, vary depending on options selected. Contact Client Services for exact dimensions.

Download Product Chart PDF

3. Choose End-Cap Design

Choose an end cap design from seven styles of painted or satin aluminum finish.

Secure copy inserts with seven end cap styles.

Material: Aluminum for Standard and Thin styles; 2”, 3” and 4” Round Corner and 2” Slimline painted end caps are ABS plastic.

Application: End caps secure inserts to rail. End caps are removable with an optional tamper-resistant locking feature.

Style: Choose from seven styles with painted or satin aluminum finish. Satin aluminum finish not available for Round Corner.

View Styles

4. Pick an Insert Finish

Choose from 100 standard materials: painted, laminate, paper or create your own.

Slide Modular inserts slide onto the structural rail and are secured by end caps.

*Exposed channels on Window Inserts are black. Additional colors available, including satin natural aluminum finish.

View Laser Print Template Downloads

View Insert Finishes

Painted ABS (Prism, Metallics and Custom Colors) Window Insert with Paper and Protective Lens (Papers)* Woodgrain Laminate (Woods) Aluminum (Metals) GloSign (Photoluminscent) Subsurface (Graphics and paint secured in carrier behind Lexan) Jewel (Subsurface paint) ADA Photopolymer (Integral dimensional graphics top-coated) ADA Subsurface (Integral dimensional graphics painted subsurface) Create Your Own (Our insert carrier accepts material up to .03 )
5. Select Graphics

Indicate your choice of graphics including ADA-compliant options and state-of-the-art Direct Print.

Create one-of-a-kind graphics by selecting your application method, font, copy size, position, and case.

Choose from nine copy options including our newest and most popular, Direct Print. For ADA compliancy, we offer three ADA copy options to fit a variety of insert materials and needs.

ADA Graphics

ADA Integral
Photopolymer is adhered to an insert base to make a one-piece sign with sharp images and precise details. Insert is painted to match our standard Prism and Metallic colors and can also be color-matched.

ADA Applied
Applied graphics use standard inserts to provide color and texture consistent with other non-ADA facility signage. Applied is the standard ADA copy option for laminates and custom materials.

ADA Subsurface
Subsurface graphics are sealed with a laminate, producing raised images with rounded edges for a “soft touch” look and feel. Insert color is also subsurface.

Non-ADA Graphics

Direct Print
Our most popular copy application is direct print. VOC-free, ultra-violet cured inks are digitally printed directly to insert material. Recommended for photo-quality graphics and logos.


Surface-applied vinyl is our traditional copy option, offering you the flexibility to remove obsolete messages and reuse copy inserts. Available in select gloss colors and all standard or custom matte colors.

Laser Print

Laser print graphics are available on paper inserts and protected by a clear lens. Customer may order pre-printed paper inserts or print their own. Standard paper colors are available in popular insert sizes; other sizes may require longer lead times. For paper refills refer to page 7 for Slide and page 15 for Arc. Custom paper is available.

View Laser Print Templates


Reverse-cut print is applied to the back of polycarbonate. Insert is back sprayed with paint and secured with high-performance adhesive in an aluminum extruded carrier.


A photo image is applied to a screen placed on the sign surface material, and ink is spread onto the screen. When the screen is lifted, a printed image remains. Silkscreen is recommended for metallic colors if vinyl is not an option.


Engraved copy is available in black or white. ABS inserts are painted any standard or custom color, and the engraved copy letters show up in the original color of the insert.

Choose from over 80 standard colors. Don t see the color you need? Give us a ring, we ll color-match it for you.

Download Color Chart

Worried about meeting ADA requirements? Worry no more.

Download Color Contrast Chart

Copy Style

Choose from a large selection of visual and decorative fonts along with several ADA-compliant fonts. If you don t see your favorite, contact Client Services for more options.

Download Copy Style Spec Sheet

Download Laser Print Copy Style Spec Sheet

Copy Size

2/90 recommends choosing a copy size no more than half the height of the insert to accommodate letters that drop below the baseline. Copy size is also determined by the message and insert length. Use our copy capacity chart for reference.

Download Copy Capacity Chart Spec Sheet

Copy Position

Indicate (L) for left, (C) for center and (R) for right margin. Copy position may be further defined by adding (U) for upper and (L) for lower justification.

Copy Case

The default copy case is for upper and lower characters. Specify abbreviation for desired copy case: Upper and Lower Case (U/L) ALL CAPS (AC) all lower case (LC) AS typed (AT)

6. Choose Mounting Options

Choose from over 17 mounting options for wall, cubical and ceiling installations.

2/90 Sign Systems offers 17 standard mounting options to meet a variety of installation applications for office furniture, vertical surfaces and ceilings.

Illustrations below depict mount with the Standard Slide Modular Sign System; Thin Slide, Arc and Klik mounts may vary. Custom mounting options are available.

(A) Adhesive -

For smooth, hard surfaces. Not recommended for some vinyl wall coverings. Sign size should not exceed 100 sq. inches. Construction adhesive is recommended but not included. Plaque and vinyl backers available for glass applications; see 2/90 Spec Guide/Price List.

(B) Magnetic -

For steel surfaces. Sign size should not exceed 100 sq. inches.

(C) Velcro -

For fabric surfaces. Sign size should not exceed 100 sq. inches. Sign ships with hook to loop with fabric.

(D) Screw -

For a variety of surfaces, including brick, drywall, and drywall coverings. Recommended on all wall-mount signs exceeding 100 sq. inches.

(E) Pin -

For fabric surfaces, including fabric mounted on hard material and acoustical panels. Sign size should not exceed 100 sq. inches.

(F) Hook -

For furniture panels. Clear PETG device hooks over panel top; sign locates below top of panel. Specify panel manufacturer, model, and thickness.

(G) Desk -

For freestanding applications such as desks. Extruded aluminum bracket sits standard two-sided sign perpendicular to work surface; maximum sign height is 4”. Slide (Thin), Arc, and Klik sit at an angle; maximum sign height is 2”.

(H) Panel Top -

For top surface of furniture panel. Freestanding G-Mount is affixed to surface with pressure-sensitive tape or magnet; maximum sign height is 8”. Slide (Thin), Arc, and Klik sit at an angle; maximum sign height is 2”.

(I*) Ceiling Mount - Suspended Ceiling -

For ½” or 1” grid system. Connects with 2” extruded aluminum; signs appear to “float” below ceiling line. Sign size should not exceed 1,440 sq. inches. Specify grid size.

(J*) Ceiling Mount/Hanging -

For general-purpose ceiling applications. Aluminum insert affixed to rail accepts hang line (not included). Sign size should not exceed 1,440 sq. inches.

(K*) Perpendicular Wall Mount -

For wall surfaces. Sign sits at a 90° angle to wall surface. Not available for Slide (Thin) or signs wider than 17”.

(M*) Ceiling Mount - Direct -

For general-purpose ceiling applications. Extruded aluminum bracket affixes to ceiling with screws. Sign size should not exceed 1,440 sq. inches. Screws not included.

(N*) Ceiling Mount - Rigid Post -

For general-purpose ceiling applications. ½” black aluminum rod sits sign at 6”. 12”, 18” or 24” from ceiling surface. Sign size should not exceed 1,440 sq. inches. Not included in blank sign price; see 2/90 Spec Guide/Price List.

(O) Flexible Panel Mount -

For furniture panels. Flexible fabric device is held in place by panel top cap with adhesive tape. Locates sign flush with panel top. Specify black or white.

(P) Panel/Tile Mount -

Black anodized aluminum device hooks over the top of panel or tile and is concealed by panel top cap. Locates sign flush with panel top. Specify panel manufacturer, model, panel thickness and location.

(R) Saddle -

For architectural privacy screens. U-shaped anodized aluminum bracket locates sign flush with panel top. Mount runs the width of the sign. Sign should not exceed 100 sq. inches. Bracket may be used with one sign, or two signs mounted front and back.

(S) Side-Saddle -

For steel surface panel tops, L-shaped anodized aluminum bracket with magnet locates sign flush with panel top. Pressure-sensitive tape available for non-steel surfaces. Mount runs the width of the sign. Sign should not exceed 100 sq. in.

At 2/90 Sign Systems we’re all about options. If you have a need, let us know – it may even become a standard.

Trim Options

Add contrast to your design with Top/Bottom Trim and Accent Strips. Available painted and Satin Natural Aluminum finish.

Does your sign need the flexibility to display multiple messages? Sliding inserts reveal or conceal messages when needed. Typically used to indicate availability in conference or meeting rooms, any sign with an insert ranging from 1 to 4 high can be used as a sliding insert.

Signs with dry erase material can benefit from adding a Pen Holder to house the elusive dry erase marker. Pen holder is mill finished aluminum, painted black. Other colors are available.

SmartStrips™ hold messages securely, providing a flexible solution for temporary room identification, notifications, or an in-box. To remove the message, simply lift it up and slide to side. SmartStrips™ are available as an integral part of the sign or sold separately. When purchased separately, they can be installed next to a sign or used alone to hold messages or postings. SmartStrip™ accepts laminated messages. Available in Satin Natural Aluminum finish with black caps.

Download SmartStrip™ Instructions

For window inserts with paper that need to change often, we recommend the notched-end cap. The paper and protective lens slide off easily without removing the end cap. This feature is available with Slimline end cap style in satin natural aluminum finish or painted colors.



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