Hospital visitors and patients often have a lot on their minds. Navigating through a facility should not be one of them. 2/90 Sign Systems provides turnkey wayfinding solutions that are designed with people in mind. Wherever wayfinding products are needed, there is a 2/90 Sign Systems solution that is helping people find their way.

2/90 Sign Systems is experienced in directing people through and around healthcare facilities. Easily maintained, our wayfinding systems work in harmony to ensure no one is without directional aid, creating a positive environment for patients, visitors and staff.

2/90 Sign Systems solutions include

Wayfinding analysis with programming Fabrication of a system of interior and exterior facility signage with static, changeable and digital messaging Professional demolition and installation to ensure the program s success Maintenance programs for easy reordering and updating.

Architectural communication solutions positively impact a patient s perception of their hospital experience. 2/90 Sign Systems provides solutions to increase HCAHPS scores ensuring your hospital receives Medicaid dollars.

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